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Aviation & Machinery Valuation Reports

» eValues & Asset Insight Index Reports

For: Aviation Valuations (aircraft)
Format: Report

The SAI eValues and the Asset Insight Index (AI2) Maintenance Analysis reports provide quality values and analysis in an efficient and expeditious manner. Order online and have the digital reports sent to your in-box.

  • Value Analysis (eVA) - FMV or FMV and OLV
  • Residual Value Analysis (eRVA) - FMV or FMV and OLV with the addition of residual curves

Additional Options

  • Future Transactional Value Trend (eTrend) - an opinion of the FMV one quarter out.
  • Asset Insight Index Analysis (AI2) - an in-depth assessment of the maintenance status to determine condition, financial implications, and current equity. This AI2 product is part of the Asset Optimization Solutions offered by Asset Insight, Inc.

Find out more on our details eValues & Asset Insight page.

» Opinion of Value

For: Aviation Valuations, Equipment & Machinery Valuations
Format: Letter or Verbal

The opinion of Value provides a general opinion of the current “market value” of an aircraft.  This product does not include any market research, or general scrutiny of the overall specifications and maintenance status of the aircraft.

Additional Options: Residual Values, Forced Liquidation Value, Orderly Liquidation Value

» Desktop Appraisal

For: Aviation Valuations, Machinery & Equipment Valuations
Format: Report

A Desktop Appraisal provides a "fair market value" based on specifications furnished by the client or an outside third party.

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The SAI eValues online platform was created to provide quality values in an efficient and expeditious manner. You asked - we created. 

The eValues are developed from SAI’s proprietary database and statistical model for aircraft valuation to deliver current values based on real-time market analysis that is combined with client input. After pertinent aircraft details are entered into a brief form and electronically submitted, reports are typically returned within 24-hours and in many cases, sooner.  

The eValues are popular products that provide clients with planning insight from SAI, the trusted source in aircraft valuations.  

 * Note: the eValues are expressed as opinions and are not accredited valuations.  

Additionally, we have established an affiliation with Asset Insight, Inc. to bring you the Asset Insight Index (AI2), a maintenance condition evaluation and value optimization tool. The Asset Insight Index translates complex technical data into actionable financial information by objectively analyzing and grading an aircraft's maintenance condition on a standardized scale, displaying the resulting analytics in "Credit Report" format.  

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ImageAn SAI audit provides a methodical review of a subject’s associated documentation and physical assets.  Audits are performed to assist with valuations, verifications, or for portfolio assessments.  Audits for valuation purposes should not be confused with a CPA’s audit of financial information.  Audits in connection with the preparation of valuation reports do not include procedures designed to discover defalcation or other irregularities, should any exist.

For machinery and aircraft, this service can be employed to provide verification of the asset’s physical status, its usage, regulation compliance, maintenance compliance, damage status or repair, and in some cases, its continued existence.

For business clients, audits are performed to examine records and documents to verify completeness.  A business’ inventory and other physical assets may also be audited when necessary.   

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Aircraft Damage * Machinery Damage

Equipment Damage * Breach of Contract * Antitrust

Business Interruption * Eminent Domain * Lender Liability

Damage and the affect on value

Determining the diminution to value can be a complex process..  The subject of damage is always highly controversial.  The main issue is how a damage or loss event will affect the current and future values of aircraft, equipment or business operations. 

There are a variety of factors that need to be addressed in an effort to accurately address the diminution factors, which include:

•    Type of damage or loss
•    Magnitude of damage or loss
•    Structural damage
•    Damage inspection requirements
•    Method of repair
•    Regulatory compliance
•    Repair center or service
•    Time since incident
•    Maintenance since incident
•    Sympathetic repairs
•    Amount of in-service time
•    Previous incidents
•    State of the market

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