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SAI Valuations, LLC is a Valuation Applications company, which has its corporate headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, with offices in Chicago, Illinois, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  SAI is a multi-discipline company that offers a wide range of appraisal and valuation services, both nationally and worldwide.

Corporate History

SAI Valuations, LLC has evolved from several entities. The company got its start as J & B Aviation, which was formed in 1991 by John and Barbara Spoor as a FAA maintenance facility.  In addition to the maintenance facility, the company maintained and restored antique/classic aircraft and provided instruction. 

J&B Aviation became Specialty Aviation, Inc. in December of 2002 in response to additional opportunities in the aviation industry.  Specialty Aviation, Inc. evolved into a premier aircraft and aviation valuation business.  It has been involved in thousands of aircraft appraisals from light single engine to heavy airline transport aircraft.  Specialty Aviation, Inc. specialized in aircraft valuation, aviation business & facilities valuation, asset risk management, technical consulting and legal expert witness.  In addition to onsite maintenance, the company’s maintenance facility developed into a “state of the art” technical research and inspection division that supports each valuation project.  

What set Specialty Aviation Inc. ahead of its competitors were the staff members.  Each consultant had experience specific to the aviation industry and had received extensive company training.  Each assignment was diligently pursued to arrive at the most accurate solution and/or conclusion as defined by the scope of the project.  The quality service provided to our clients is known for its responsiveness and innovative use of technology.  

On the 16th of February 2007, Specialty Aviation, Inc. acquired AMS Appraisals & Valuations and changed its name to SAI Valuations, LLC.  The acquisition of this prestigious New Hampshire firm provided an opportunity to become one of the largest aviation valuation firms in the world. 

SAI Corporate Team

» John B. Spoor, Jr., Chief Executive Officer

John B. Spoor, Jr. was a founding member and C.E.O. of SAI Valuations.  He has over 30 years experience in the aviation industry with over 18,000 hours flight time.  Among his many licenses, certificates and ratings are an Airline Transport Pilot (ME, B-737, B727, SA227), Flight Engineer (Turbo Jet), Certified Flight Instructor Airplane (Instrument, Multi Engine Instrument, Instrument Ground Instructor/Advanced Ground Instructor) and an Airframe & Powerplant mechanic with Inspection Authorization.  John also possesses a B.S in Aviation Business Management, A.A.S. in Aviation Maintenance Technology with training in Aviation Law.  His resume includes experience as chief pilot in conjunction as director of maintenance of a FAR part 135 air taxi operation.  John currently holds the position of captain for United Airlines and has been designated FAA check airman on the Boeing 727.  Additional designations held are Aviation Safety Counselor in operations and airworthiness for the Federal Aviation Administration.  John B. Spoor - Curriculum Vitae

» Barbara A. Spoor, ASA, Corporate Vice President

Barbara A. Spoor was a founding member of SAI Valuations.  Barb has over 20 years experience in the aviation industry with over 1700 hours flight time.  She has an extensive background in aviation finance, aviation insurance, and professional flight instructing.  She possesses degrees, certificates, licenses, and memberships that include: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Commercial Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor Airplane – Instrument, Insurance Producer in all lines, and is an active member and senior certified appraiser (Machinery & Technical Specialties/Aircraft specific and Machinery & Technical Specialties/Machinery & Equipment) of the American Society of Appraisers and Certified Senior Appraiser (USPAP) of National Aircraft Appraisers Association.  Barb has worked many years conducting aircraft valuations and as an expert witness regarding aircraft issues.  Barbara A. Spoor - Curriculum Vitae

» Craig W. Cox, ASA, Chief Operations Officer

Craig Cox brings to SAI an extensive background in aviation, business management, and machinery and equipment.  He went through flight training at the age of seventeen and attended Rock Valley College for an A & P certificate, business, and marketing.  After college, he worked at the Aurora Airport constructing harnesses and installing avionics.  Craig entered the business world during the aviation downturn in the early 1980s.  He went to work for a fortune 500 company, ITW/Simco, as the Western Sales Manager.  During his employment with ITW, Craig received extensive experience in machinery and equipment, research and development, and business development.  In addition to COO of SAI Valuations, Craig also performs aircraft appraisals as well as on-site aircraft audits and records review, personnel management, report development, and marketing.  Craig is in the final stages in receiving his accreditation through the American Society of Appraisers.  Additionally, Craig possesses an insurance provider's license for SAI's aircraft insurance division.  Craig W. Cox - Curriculum Vitae

» Michele Bailey, Senior Aviation Analyst

Michele Bailey is a senior aviation analyst for SAI Valuations.  Initially hired in 1998 through Aviation Management Systems, she assisted with various internal and external aspects of business operations.  Through the years, she has designed and developed numerous electronic applications and business procedures for efficient inter-office operations.  Additional responsibilities include end-user product development, content management, technical writing, and marketing through various print and digital media platforms.  Her tenure with the company has allowed her to develop a keen understanding of the aviation industry.  Michele works with our senior appraisers to generate market values for business aircraft, based on subject aircraft review and comparable market analysis. She examines current and past aircraft market data for appraisal development and market trend analysis. Michele's business savvy, technical expertise, and creative skills are an important part of the SAI team.   


Over 250 years of combined aviation experience, including a staff with four Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic designations with one Inspection Authorization, six licensed pilots with four Airline Transport Ratings, assists us in adding value to our services.
We have a passion for being:

•    Timely – Each assignment is assigned to at least 2 or more consultants to ensure reports meet deadlines
      without compromising quality.

•    Comprehensive – We maintain extensive databases; perform thorough inspections and network with
      industry experts to provide accuracy in our reports.

•    Innovative – Our services are uniquely designed to meet the client’s needs specific to the scope and
      purpose of each assignment using the most up to date technology

Team Approach PhilosophyImage

SAI Valuations applies a team approach to each valuation assignment. A minimum of two, and in some cases three, professional financial analysts are involved in each company assignment.
Our valuation analysts are experienced in multiple industry appraisals and a variety of equity interest valuations and our support staff includes industry analysts who perform research and provide data for each valuation client.

In addition to the listed principles, SAI has an extensive support team of over 150 contracted professionals that works closely with its full time staff to complete assignments globally in a prompt, professional and confidential manner. 

For more information, call 888-814-8258 toll free within the United States or 815-786-2826.  Also, you can submit a query via web form from on our

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