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The SAI eValues online platform was created to provide quality values in an efficient and expeditious manner. You asked - we created. 

The eValues are developed from SAI’s proprietary database and statistical model for aircraft valuation to deliver current values based on real-time market analysis that is combined with client input. After pertinent aircraft details are entered into a brief form and electronically submitted, reports are typically returned within 24-hours and in many cases, sooner.  

The eValues are popular products that provide clients with planning insight from SAI, the trusted source in aircraft valuations.  

 * Note: the eValues are expressed as opinions and are not accredited valuations.  

Additionally, we have established an affiliation with Asset Insight, Inc. to bring you the Asset Insight Index (AI2), a maintenance condition evaluation and value optimization tool. The Asset Insight Index translates complex technical data into actionable financial information by objectively analyzing and grading an aircraft's maintenance condition on a standardized scale, displaying the resulting analytics in "Credit Report" format.  

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»Value Analysis (eVA)  View eVA Report Example (with FMV, OLV, and eTrend™)

The eVA™ provides an opinion of current Fair Market Value (FMV), Orderly Liquidation Value (OLV), or both FMV and OLV.  This is a study of the current marketplace and information is analyzed from current values, historical values, and the prevailing economic conditions. The eVA is an effective tool for benchmarking, quantifying, and decision making. 

$599 ($699 with eTrend)

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»Residual Value Analysis (eRVA)  View eRVA Report Example (with FMV, OLV, and eTrend™)

The eRVA™ provides an opinion of current FMV, OLV, or both FMV and OLV with the addition of residual curves for FMV or both FMV and OLV for selected years. Value premises are displayed in values and residuals are displayed in value format in both table and plotted graph formats. Information is analyzed from current values, historical values, and the prevailing economic conditions with inflation driven out and considered as historically normalized. This report gives a thorough overview of the value position of the specified aircraft in a condensed report.

$999  ($1099 with eTrend)

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»Future Transactional Value Trend (eTrend)  

The eTrend™ provides an opinion of the FMV one quarter out (approximately 90 days in the future) based on the projected market directional trend, which allows lenders and brokers to plan appropriately for negotiations and customer transactions. This is an optional add-on product available with either the eVA (for $699) or eRVA (for $1099). Both report examples above show the optional eTrend value.

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»Asset Insight Index Analysis (AI2) 

Bundle the eVA or the eRVA together with the Asset Insight Index for optimal reporting. Items can be purchased as a one time product, or as an ongoing Asset Optimization Solution with additional savings. Clients that order the eVA or the eRVA in combination with the Asset Insight Index get the eTrend value included, a $100 savings.   

The Asset Insight Index is a simple-to-understand industry rating standard that assesses the aircraft’s maintenance condition.  Think of the Asset Insight Index as a credit score for assets. The better the aircraft’s maintenance condition, the better its Index. After maintenance information is received, reports are typically returned within 48-hours, and in many cases, sooner.

The Asset Grading System Process™ derives the Asset Insight Index, a standardized aircraft rating scale that: 
  • Objectively analyzes & grades an aircraft's maintenance condition;
  •  Translates complex technical data into actionable financial information; and,
  •  Displays maintenance data in "credit report" format.
The Asset Insight Index offers buyers, sellers, operators, loan officers, lessors, CEOs, CFOs, pilots, maintenance technicians, as well as many others, the first simple-to-understand, simple to obtain, cost-effective tool that provides a robust set of maintenance analysis data on a timely basis to evaluate, protect and/or enhance an aircraft’s financial performance. The AI2provides users the ability to: 
  •  Compare the subject aircraft's maintenance with other like units to determine how the asset compares to aircraft listed for sale.
  •  Identify the aircraft's major sectors (such as Airframe; Engine(s); APU; Interior; Paint, etc.) that are aiding / inhibiting the asset's Index and determine how the aircraft's Index could be improved by conducting additional maintenance.
  •  Quantitatively justify an ask / offer price for an aircraft.
  •  Determine if it would be financially prudent to remarket an aircraft sooner rather than later.
  •  Effectively manage an aircraft investment as a financial asset.
Considering the significant value implication to an aircraft due to its maintenance condition, the Asset Insight Index provides a valuable, objective tool for maintenance analysis and comparison of any number of aircraft to one another.  

The Asset Insight Index is comprised of the following components, and detailed in each AI2 Analysis:

  • Maintenance Rating – Asset Technical Condition Score (“ATC Score”): Grades the aircraft’s maintenance status relative to its optimal maintenance condition.
  • Financial Rating – Asset Technical Financial Condition Score (“ATFC Score”): Grades the aircraft’s scheduled maintenance events costs associated with its Maintenance Rating.
  • Maintenance Equity – Asset Technical Financial Exposure Value (“ATFE Value”): Measures maintenance equity based on the aircraft’s accumulated maintenance financial exposure.


The cost of the Asset Insight Index analysis is $299, comparing an asset to similar aircraft listed for sale costs another $199, while a 60-month Scheduled Maintenance Analysis runs $469.

To order any of the eValues Call 815.786.2826815.786.2826 or toll free at 800.814.VALU800.814.VALU FREE
To order the Asset Insigh
t Index Analysis with or without eRVA Report, call 540.905.4555540.905.4555 or order online at http://www.assetinsightinc.com/content/pricing.
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