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SAI Data Points are short articles, charts, analysis, and insights that represent reflections of our continued market analysis. In-depth data examination allows for deeper understanding of the dynamics at play and provides unique and valuable intelligence on aircraft valuations. Timely, significant, and thought provoking Ideas, patterns, and information are shared below. 

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04/15/15  The New Normal??

07/25/15  Widening of the Bid Ask Spread

11/05/15  The Harley Davidson Effect

12/01/15  Emotional Obsolescence

12/31/15  Residuals are Unique

01/04/16  Business Jet Fleet Size

01/15/16  Brand Recognition and the Millennial Shift

01/20/16  Twenty Years of Aircraft Transactions at a Glance

01/26/16  Market Strength and the Impact on Residual Curves and Normal Useful Life

02/01/16  GIGO (Garbage In - Garbage Out)

02/12/16  Froth and the Aggregate Midsize Cabin Jet Historical Value Curve

03/07/16  Production Trend - Models in the Market

04/04/16  The Top 10 Asset Management Ideas to Help You Sleep Better at Night

05/19/16  Improve Safety & Value with Aftermarket Modifications

07/06/16  Understanding Appraisal Review and Management (ARM)

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